Sigh! Struggles that girls with big boobs go through

Piece by: Caroline Mutembei

If you face the big breast dilemma - or what i like to call boobage - you will identify a lot with this list.

Every girl has gone through some breast-related situation, will identify with these 10 facts that only those with big breasts will understand!

  1. You can't take the endless search for bras that fit.

2. Backache is practically your friend. Only the back knows what it is like to carry big boobs every day.

3. And every cleavage ends up getting extravagant. No low-cut blows go unnoticed when you have full breasts.

4. Running is always a complicated activity. It swings everything around and gives great despair sometimes they just want to peep.

5. Finding dresses that look good on the breasts is not easy either. The look just doesn't fit you on your breasts.

6. Close shirt buttons end up with mini openings. There are always those two little open buttons.

7. Even the seat belt bothers you well. And speeding is also a pain.

8. And you can't stand them staring at your breasts. There is nothing more horrible than that. Fact!

9. Taking off your bra is a liberating feeling. At least taking off the bra is pretty satisfying!

10. Strapless bras are not an option.

Unless you want your boobs sagging to your knees!

Oh yes, and summer is the worst time for them!