Jacque Maribe's best friend Dennis Itumbi has penned a sweet message for her. This is after the ex-TV girl publicly confirmed that Eric Omondi was the father of her five-year-old son Zahari.

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The young parents were attending their son's graduation party at an upmarket city school.

Congratulations - The Omondi's.

Zahari's graduation is a great statement of your solid guidance.

May your bond last for an eternity and more.

To both of you my friends, God's blessings!

Bishop na pia President walisema, "Wanaosema, wacha waseme!

Au sio?' read Itumbi's message. 

Jacque Maribe and Itumbi are just friends but many confuse them for lovers even though they've set the record clear, over, and over, and over again.

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Itumbi's post ignited mixed reactions and below are some of the reactions

Ochieng Otieno Lakini wewe huwa loser, I would die a sad man if I had a son like you. From Jowie and Now Eric Omondi Boy you can't keep losing like this

Njeru Nanja I take this to mean that you Dennis Itumbi, today 17/10/2019, have endorsed the marriage between Erick Omondi and Jacky Maribe and subsequently confirmed that indeed one Zahari is a child born of that union. I'm I right?

shikooh_phridah I like u denno, u r a real friend😘

cherrie_bunch I know you’re having a bad day. Mwanaume ni kumove on. Now take care of your child. Your baby mom doesn’t have to fight u in court. Be a gentleman. Take responsibility baba be a present father

kalekachali Inauma but, itabidi uzoee

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Geofrey Okoth As Dennis Itumbi is waiting for mango (Maribe) to ripen, the real OGs kina Omondi and Jowi are eating her with salt.

dianaliboso Haya😱 ulitoka boyfriend zone ukaingia friend zone sasa uko congeats zone😂😂.. But you are a good friend.

kennedy_balompic Respect it, don't bring poems here

Rollex 'RK' Koyi Wewe ndio ule msee wa ku keep yeng busy time amekosana na boy wake.

Wickie Mokoro Kagawa Thanks Dennis Itumbi for showing true maturity and gentlemanship