'He thought I was stupid!' Mambo Mbotela on how he was almost conned

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

Legendary radio presenter Leonard Mambo Mbotela has told how he was conned by a relative of his.

He shared this during the Janjaruka series, now on Switch TV as well as YouTube.

"A young man came to my house, I welcomed him well. He told me the granny was diabetic and was at the hospital and the bill was a little bit higher like Sh150,000.

He told me he had gathered Sh120,000 and that if I gave him Sh10,000, he would be very happy.

When I looked at him, he looked like a person that showed his conmanship. He thought I was stupid, so I sent him back to come the next day."

Mbotela then sort to find out from other family members whether this was true.

"Because he was someone that I knew, I called my aunt. She confirmed that that granny was sick and the hospital bill had already been settled.

To make matters worse, the granny had already died two weeks ago and had been buried," he said.

Unknown to the young man Mambo Mbotela had learnt of his dubious ways.

"She told me that the young man was known to be deceptive. That young man came back after two days, knowing that I was going to give him the money.

I told him to look for work and get money in the correct manner. To date, I've never seen him."