Spending the night at your guy’s house for the very first time can be a nerve-wracking situation.

Not only do you want everything to go smoothly, but you also want to make sure you don’t overstay your welcome and you don’t do something that will turn him off.

Here are some tips that will help you get a second invite.

Pack the whole suitcase

Unless the both of you have agreed that you are staying over for a few days, a sleepover should not entail you carrying a whole suitcase.

Make sure you are only carrying the necessary personal belongings and not entirely your whole closet.

Remember we don't want to leave an impression that you're ready to move in.

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Get wasted

Alcohol beverages on the first sleepover issa no!

We don't want any awkward scenarios that we can't explain.

Being able to stay sober for the first date makes you look mature and both of you could vibe well.

Hog the bed

This could be a major problem because we all have different sleeping styles.

Being able to compose yourself in your sleep could help you earn yourself a second invite.

Typically, he is used to sleeping alone in his bed so ensure you don't deprive him of that freedom.

Snoop through his things.

Going through his stuff may be super tempting.

Being able to restrain yourself from that would make a whole difference.

Maintain your cool and mind your damn bag!

Chronicle the night on Social Media

Nowadays people feel the need to share everything on social media. During your sleepover, refrain from sharing what the two of you are doing.

Also while we're at that, stop constant texting when the night is supposed to be for the both of you.

Make selfish demands

In case you feel like he needs to change the way he does things to suit your preferences, just look at yourself in the mirror and call yourself selfish. If you cannot accomplish those demands for yourself, don't ask someone else to do them for you.

For a first day, remember you're still a visitor and let the man be.

Leave before he wakes up.

Being sneaky in the morning after both of you spent the night together would just be shady.

It is respectful enough if both of you would see the sunrise together. At least get breakfast together and talk about last night's events if there were any.

Do not leave your stuff behind.

Both of you have seen the sunrise together, had breakfast and probably even a dose of you know what.

Ladies, please make sure you carry all your belongings with you. Leaving some things behind may give him a wrong impression.

Men never understand how ladies end up forgetting basic things like underwear by the way.

Do not leave a mess behind

When leaving you to want to ensure that he feels your presence. Tidy up his house, clean the breakfast utensils the both of you used and leave the place as clean as possible.