Actress has broken the net with the photo of her in a pristine white wedding dress.

Apparently, Brenda's photo was taken on the set of Kenya's top soap opera titled Selina. She plays a mean girl called Rosette who is the new love interest for the lead man, Nelson (Pascal Tokodi).

At face value, Rosette is the perfect woman. She comes from a good family, she’s well-educated, good-natured and above all, she volunteers her time to help others.

But looks can be deceiving, and Rosette isn’t just any other girl.

Fans reacted to the news. here are some of their fevered opinions about the impending nuptials.

vickineggessa: @gloriasongoro msaliti tu wewe, ngoja huyo Rossette chizi amnyonge huyo Nelson wenu.

brianwayne_8: @gloriasongoro now that Nelson is not your real brother si you just overthrow @brendawairimu_ And keep him for yourself.

nataliegithinji: 😂😂😂😂😂this crazy boss of mine... @brendawairimu_

cikuwamwaniki: Rosette kamchawi aki..but you bring out the role so well. #teamselison all the way

kayrir_kui_kamau: Once you understand what acting is about you dont hate any character enjoy that character and Brenda will tell acting as a villain is so much fun 😈😈

naominjonjo: Nooooo...u actually marry Nelson😢...i are going to damage him😢😢😢haujapatikana?