The late Kibra MP Ken Okoth who was a lover of music and the biggest ambassador for everything arts and culture was honoured at the ongoing OktoberFestival.

After his death, Ken's seat fell vacant and the battle is on for who will seat on the vacant throne.

A while back, rapper Octopizzo said that he has not seen any candidate with the potential for MP in the upcoming by-election.

"My preferred candidate would still be the late Ken Okoth any day because I worked so closely with him, he supported art and music," he said.

Adding, "It is really hard right now to know what they will do for Kibra because it is like they are gambling on tribal stuff. Nobody who is vying has met me and asked me to meet them with the youths and decide what to do for them. Okoth met me and asked me to go with youth representatives to his office so they could talk about what they wanted to be done for them."

However, took time during the concert to ask the mammoth crowd to take a moment of silence to honour Ken Okoth who died recently after battling Cancer.

"I want to ask you for a favour... For a moment of silence for Ken Okoth. Juu hii inchi tunashangaa itaendelezwa na nani kama si sisi. [I wonder, who will bring advancements to our coundtry if we as the youth don't do it.]"

The two-day festival kicked off on Saturday with a host of brilliant performances from the best Kenyan acts including Sailors, Jua Cali, Sauti Sol and Fena.

Check out the video below.