Two people were on Friday found brutally murdered at Rurii, Ol Kalou, in a suspected case of love triangle.The bodies of Michael Gitonga Mathenge, 40, and his lover Elizabeth Wanjiku Wahome, popularly known as Wa Makuburi, age unknown, were discovered by residents in Mathenge’s house on Friday morning in a pool of blood.

They had cuts in the faces and their skulls had been crashed with blunt object. Nyandarua Central Sub County Criminal investigations Officer, Eric Ochieng, said the security agents suspect it was a case of love triangle.

“The man was a divorcee and the lady was a single lady, that’s it.But we are making efforts to track down the killers,” he said

Ochieng said the murderers came from the outside and forced the door open before attacking their victims. He said no murder weapon was found at the scene and the victims phones had been stolen too. The murder could have been committed in the wee hours of the morning as police sources indicated the last access of the victims phones as 03:50 hours.

His sentiments were echoed by Samuel Mwangi, a resident. “The woman had been in love with someone else, and vicevarsa,” he said

Mathenge was a potato broker who operated from Rurii Township while Wahome was a casual labourer. Mwangi said Mathenge's colleagues called him after he failed to report to work Friday morning but he was out of reach hence they decided to check on him from home, about 400mretres in the outskirts of Rurii Township.

“They found his lifeless body lying in a pool of blood in his sitting room. When the police arrived, another lifeless body of a woman was discovered in his bedroom, “he said

He said by the time he separated with his wife Mathenge had two children while Wanjiku who had been married at Umoja village, about 3km from where she was killed had three children.

Mathenge’s brother Wilson Ngunjiri, said he parted with his brother at 7:30 pm on Thursday evening and each went home to rest after work. On Friday morning he passed by their mother’s place and arrived at the town at around 10:00 am only to receive the bad news.

Local village elder Bosco Mwaniki described the incident as shocking. He said this was the first incident to happen in the area. Mwaniki urged the police to escalate patrol in Rurii given that insecurity has escalated in the recent past.

Further, he urged the residents to be vigilant and report anytime a stranger or a new tenant is spotted in the area, and also to stop planting maize around their houses as this affect security.

The killers appeared to have struck while the two lovebirds were preparing supper and enjoying a drink. Among the items that scattered all over the sitting room was a bottle of Kane spirit half consumed and a packet of Safari cigarettes. On the same table was a paraffin stove and a sufuria of cooked beans among other items.

On the seat at a different corner was a sufuria of cooked potatoes and close by Ellen White novel, The Great Controversy.

On the cupboard there was an empty bottle of viceroys, three bottles of Kenya Cane and an empty bottles of Krest soda placed on a DVD player.

Ndichu Wainaina/The Star