Mombasa based actor Dan Sonko has said he is not planning on letting his kids forget their late mum Dru Sonko even if he moved on.

Drusilla died due to childbirth complications in May 2017 since then many have been curious to know if Dan is planning on remarrying.

Speaking about how he plans on introducing another woman to his kids, Dan said,

I have no intention of making Djibril or Darell forget about Dru.

She was their love and their mother.

Dan added that his two sons need to learn to appreciate life and death.

As hard as it may be they need to understand the cycle of life. They need to appreciate before we die we live.

They need to know of her .

Dan's sentiments came after a fan reached out to him saying that his brother was having a hard time after losing his wife.

He was inquiring on how best Dan could help him and the kids given that he is a widower.

What did you do to at least make your kids forget about Dru?

My brother went through the same thing you went through but up to now he is very emotional about what happened. Please help.

Mourning is a journey and it takes time, there is no uniform way of mourning so mourn your loved one the best way you know-how.