It has been a pretty minute since we heard from the Dangotes. It seems new mum Tanasha Donna is being kept busy with her little angel, baby Simba.

The couple is yet to officially announce the arrival of their little tot.

Anyhow, Diamond has been traversing Tanzania on tour, and I guess the opportune time to make the announcement hasn't presented itself.

Which brings us to the prophetic words of Zari, Diamond Platniumz' ex, she warned Tanasha that Diamond will move on with his life and will not slow it down for her or the baby.

Zari said, “Diamond was supposed to move on and he is supposed to sire children as many times as he wants…Tanasha being pregnant is a beautiful thing."

She, however, cautioned,

"She must be ready to take care of her child because all that is happening is the same thing. If you look at the cycle, with me and other women involved with Diamond, it’s the same thing, there’s nothing new.”

The mother of five did, however, note that Diamond can still change his ways.

That is yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, Tanasha pointed out that she is not the cheating type, but she is very demanding on other things.

She wrote on her social media,

"There are ladies who can't cheat or ask for money but their stubbornness will frustrate your life."

Adding, "This is sooo me."

Check out the post below.