Social media has become the new barman. The guy you go to talk to about your life's drama, frustration and disappointments.

One particular man, took to Instagram to talk about why he cheated on his wife. Yenyewe the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Been married for 1 year now, before I got married to my wife she use to kill me with different type of assorted dishes, this woman tripped me with food and even my family the day she cooked during my elder sisters child dedication.

I'm not saying food made me love her, am only saying it was a plus that I always brag to my friends that she is the best and most times I come home with my friends their girlfriends to eat.

It gave me so much pride. When we got married my wife changed all she makes is rice, eba, yam.

I beg her to even cook beans, she will say it's a stress.

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Imagine me getting back from work and eating indomine, macaroni and all those bird food. If I complain she will say she is tired from work.

The day I went to my mums place to eat she was shocked because everybody knew my wife was a good cook. I tried to talk to her to change but she said she is not my house girl and if i want a cook I should get a chef.

That was how I started eating outside before I get home. I got a favorite restaurant, tho I was not getting that home made taste but it was better than indomine.

When I get home and refuse to eat she will nag and call me names like a cheat and that.

One Sunday she surprised me and made one very nice dish, invited me to the dining table, as she dished the food and I tasted it, it was that my wife used kerosine to cook it.

I vomited it out as she laughed at me. It was not funny so I asked her why?

She said that is for cheating on her. Cheating on her how? I have never cheated and she had no evidence. I got so upset and walked out of the house.

Walked into a bar to drink my sorrow away.

That was how I met one lady, when this lady came in all the single sits are already occupied so she had to pair with me since she was waiting for someone.

I was on the phone complaining to my friend what my wife did when I was done with the call, the young lady created a conversation and that was it. She invited me over the next day and killed me with food. We did not have sex we just talked and that was it.

She started visiting my office and bringing me food, breakfast, lunch and dinner before I go home. I felt loved again, I started being comfortable with her and that was how we started having sex.

She is also sweet in bed and after sex, she gives me a very nice meal.

This girl was just like my wife before she changed.

Am still cheating on my wife and have no regret. Any day she finds out, if she can not cope, she move out and I move the other lady in, after all she asked me to get a cook. I am saying this because my wife follows your page and she will read this. If you don't change I will move you out of my house. Enough of your rubbish am done pampering and begging you to treat me right in my own house. I am using this platform to give you the last warning , maybe your fellow women will talk some sense into you. Am out.