South B residents woke up to a rude shock after a woman and her daughter were murdered in Golden B area by being strangled using a sisal rope.

Judith Mwai (73) and Catherine Mwai (47) were discovered by the deceased sister who went to visit them.

Judith was a retired Treasury employee.

According to a police report, the two were found strangled on Monday evening in their separate bedrooms.

"Judith was found on her bed lying facing down with a sisal rope around her neck tied on the bed stand with blood oozing from her mouth," the report read.

Catherine who is a former Cooperative Bank employee was found lying on the floor of her bedroom with injury marks around her neck which pointed to strangulation.

Police said the two were the only occupants of the house but had two tenants living in the servant’s quarters who were not home when the police visited the crime scene.

“A close assessment of the scene indicated that there were signs of struggle, further pointing to a possible murder,” the police said.

The rear door was found closed but according to the night guard, the two were last seen on Sunday at 2pm when they dropped by a black Toyota Prado.

However, the guard told police that he did not take the car’s registration numbers.

The report indicated that nothing was stolen from the deceased as their mobile phones were found in their respective bedrooms.

The bodies were taken to Chiromo Mortuary for an autopsy.