It's been a few years since the death of Dru Sonko, wife to Mombasa based actor Dan Sonko, she left behind two young kids Darrell and Djibril.

They say time heals all wounds and for Dan that has been the case. A fan adked Dan,

'What's the biggest challenge in life after Dru and how do you cope?'

Dan responded that it is by God's grace that he has managed to move on after his wife's death.

I was raised in a home where we always had dad and mum. To date I still have them around. Dru's parents are still alive and kicking. This is not what I envisioned for my family so to respond to you.

Everything including the moment Dru took her last breath is unknown. I am adjusting to  system I have no idea about. I am learning as I go and it's not for the faint hearted. All I can say is that it is God.

Dan is doing a good job and he is giving hope to widowers out there raising their kids alone.