The weekend is almost here and many men are already prepping themselves and finding ways they can lure the girl next door into their crib.

After all 'Mwanaume ni kujipanga.'

Truth be told, some men are clueless when it comes to luring a woman. Not to fret, here are tips on how to easily get your crush to bed.

  1. Be nice

If you have been ignoring your crush whenever you meet on the road or by the stairs just start by saying, 'Hello'.

Little pleasantries help break the ice.

2. Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman means helping her do a few things, whether it is helping her carry her shopping bags or changing her bulb.

It is the thought that counts.

3. Avoid being seen by her with other girls

No woman wants a womanizer for a boyfriend so do your best to keep your other girls away from her or else utaambulia patupu.

4. Ask her out

A sure way of winning a woman's heart is by first creating a rapport, show her that you are not only after her body.

Do this till you feel she can trust you.

5. Invite her to your place

Why go through all the trouble above if at the end of the day you won't invite her to ''come to see where you live?''

During her visit is when you know to act and tell her your feelings who knows you might end up tasting the cookie jar.

If she denies you the cookie worry not, next time pia ni siku.