Gospel artiste Jimmy Gait is championing a petition to help Kenyans get better medical services after he was misdiagnosed by a Kenyan doctor.

Speaking about the details of the petition Jimmy said that he is doing this for the welfare of Kenyans. Here are the reasons why...

1. One should be allowed to ask questions.

It is every person's right to ask why they are being given the type of medication they are being given among other things.

2. The president should allow people to have access to their medical reports.

I have all the medical files that were used during my treatment in India.

Every person should also be allowed to access theirs so that one can have details of what is ailing them.

Ask questions.

3. Standardization of medical care on all medical facilities.

Standardization allows for Kenyans not to be charged based on what the doctor thinks up.

According to Jimmy, there should be a set standard on the amount one should pay in different hospitals, e.g Level Four and Level Five hospitals.

4. Medical boards being put to task.

Medical boards should be set up to allow for the creation of strict steps to root out quacks, the patient is protected from negligence.

When quacks and other doctors are not put to task they tend to continue being negligent.

5. No public doctor should be allowed to run a private clinic.

No doctor working for a public hospital should open a private clinic or a laboratory.

If one is working for the public sector let them stick there and if one is working for the private sector let them stick there too.

'I am doing this for all Kenyans,' Jimmy Gait concluded