Having a baby for the first time is so exciting, and nothing in the world can beat that feeling.

Tanasha Donna is expecting her first child anytime from now together with her lover Diamond Platnumz.

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Although some pregnancies are basically uneventful, there are those who go through a harrowing experience during pregnancy.

Apart from mood swings and weird cravings, there are those whose pregnancy takes a toll on their health.

Tanasha Dona has been sharing her experience on social media, just to prove that pregnancy isn't easy.

In one of her posts, she complained of heartburns calling upon her followers to help with home remedies with could take it away.

Heartburn . Someone help,' she posted on Instagram.

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 In another post, she said that she was in her last trimester and pees after every few minutes.

I'm at a stage whereby I'm literally peeing every freaking 10 mins. Annoying but I love it.

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A few weeks ago while reflecting on the joys of motherhood, she shared a photo flaunting her baby bump and captioned it,

So there is this boy whom she loved more than she loved anyone, even more than herself… He’s the one who stole her heart and he will call her ‘mom'.

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Below are the latest photos from Tanasha's baby bump shoot without Diamond, go through