Diamond Platnumz' alleged side chic Lulu Diva has revealed that she has been in a relationship for less than a year.

Speaking in an interview with EATV she said,

I'm 19 and will get married when I am 25 years old. The man I'm dating now is my first lover. We've dated for less than a year and we're so much in love.


My lover is not famous.

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Rumors have been going round that she is pregnant with Diamond Platnumz' baby. She evaded the question, and said

I'm not pregnant. If my tummy big it is because of fast foods. If I get pregnant everyone will know,' Lulu added.

When asked about her relationship with singer Rich Mavoko, she said,

I have never dated Rich Mavoko. We work together and he's my songwriter. We are close friends.

Rumour mills also have it that Lulu is dating Jaguar but responding to the claims, she said,

He is my crush and I am his too. I love him just the way he is.

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Qualities she is looking for in a man are;

A man who's older than me even if it's 20. I also won't date someone who's in the same industry with me either a singer or actor.

The 19- year-old speaking on abortion rumors said,

I've never had an abortion nor gotten pregnant,' she said while laughing

In a past media interview, she said

People will always talk, what depends is how you react. I know that one day I will become a mum so that’s why I dissociate myself from these kinds of rumours. There are many scandals that I have been linked to and I don’t address them as they are.

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