Nakuru based poet Dan Nyacharo met his untimely death last week after a lorry rammed into a 14 seater matatu they were traveling in.

Nyacharo was among the six people who died on the spot at the accident scene, Nyakairu Centre a few kilometres from Naivasha town.

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Dan Nyacharo was married to a lovely lady Mauryn and he always showered her with love everytime on social media.

After he met the love of his life, he announced it on his social media and his sweet message read;

I remember the first time my eyes clapped with this beauty queen taking an evening walk with her phone gripped to her palms and listening to some good playlist on her phone as I could judge by the smile caused by the earphone whispering tunes that moved her soul and her face lit up with impish glee😊 I thought for a minute, how about my palms being gripped on hers as she takes a walk every evening, while whispering kinds words to her that will be the song playing in her mind every time to drive her crazy in love with me.❤ That face lit up with impish glee is what I wanted to welcome me everyday coming home after work! So here I am today celebrating two years of friendship and love! Thanks Mauryn for loving me perfectly with all my imperfections! #WCW.

In 2017, while celebrating her on Valentine's day before their wedding, he wrote,

2017 Beauty comes from ashes and sometimes that means going through fire to get there.


In another post, he wrote,

Love is: Loving that imperfect person perfectly.❤❤❤

Have a lovely, love filled day.

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In April this year, while celebrating his birthday, Nyacharo thanked his wife for being his support system.

Glad to be celebrating my birthday with someone who makes my bad days Good and my good days Great!

Dan was in charge of Communications at Project 82 KE as well as a social media strategist.

Below are photos of the beautiful wife he has left behind, go through

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