There's nothing bad like being in a bad relationship especially when your partner is cheating on you. It hurts so much and in most cases, partners tend to stick to their relationship hoping for a change though not all change.

Women are always the main victims of such relationships and many would rather stay in an abusive marriage for the sake of children (if they have any) than walk away.

Well, ladies, here are signs that your man is cheating on you.

  1. Extremely nice for no reason

If he always mistreats you and then all of a sudden he changes, my sister run. He is probably seeing someone else and the gifts he is buying you are just to compensate for his guilt.

2. Takes more care of his image

When he starts buying expensive stuff such as colognes, shoes and even watches, my fellow woman just know that he is seeing someone else. A cheating man will basically upgrade and even change his dress code. If he was used to wearing baggy trousers, sagging and putting on fake stuff, he will upgrade.

3. Carry condoms

Wololo! If your man carries condoms in his bag or wallet be sure that he is cheating on you. Why would he carry condoms yet you don't use them?

4. Complicated passwords on the phone

If all of a sudden he puts passwords on his phone yet it never used to have one, just know that he is hiding something from you. In short, he has found another fruit.

5. Many excuses

When he changes all of a sudden, just know there's something wrong. If a man starts telling you stories that don't add up, do not entertain him. Part ways in peace before he breaks your heart.

6. Changes friends

You will tell your man is cheating when he changes the type of friends he hangs out with. If you are too close to his friends, he will leave them and get new ones because he won't be comfortable cheating around them.

7. Smelling different

If he ever comes back home smelling different; maybe different soap or cologne scent just know ametoka kunyanduana. Dump him like rancid porridge.

8. Ooh! And if his call log is always empty, just know unacheswa my sister. He probably deletes it before he gets home.