Who said Kenyans are poor? Wait until you meet those who own the nation. They are swimming in riches.

Photos of the posh residence of politician Millicent Omanga's house have surfaced leaving many talking for days. How does she maintain her flashy lifestyle?

Well, Omanga is a city businesswoman cum politician. She is not new to Nairobians.

She made headlines last year when she threw a lavish party worth Sh 5million while celebrating her 33rd birthday back in 2016.

The rich woman is living large, unlike her counterparts who are struggling make ends meet. Her flashy lifestyle tells it all.

Omanga's looks have always left men mesmerized and women green with envy. She is blessed and who knows, her gorgeous looks might help her beat her counterparts come next year's general election.

Omanga has a passion for the youth.

She posted on her social media,

"Taking care of our future Generation by Mentoring and supporting the talents they have is one of my leading agenda as i will empower them through sports and education.

#MsupaNaWorks, Mama Tosha Nairobi."

She posted accompanied by photos of her and a group of young boys playing football in one of the Eastlands area.

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