A rose by any other name is still a rose. Kenyan names are beautiful, a name is a part of a person's full nomenclature. It identifies a specific person and differentiates one person from another. In traditional African society, a name has a very special meaning. Children were named after seasons, events, passing on of great people and even after their grandparents or great, great grandparents.

Well, I stumbled upon this list of Kikuyu female names and their meanings and I thought I should share this with you, go through and leave a comment.

NJOKI: Normally skinny, very social  and hard working. Hardly get married and are poor in bed. The are of the legendary, '“maliza unifunike' fame.”

NJERI: Most of them are momos with big booties and b()()bs. They lie alot and are hot tempered. Wanaeza ng’oa transformer.

MUTHONI: Brilliant, hypocritical, secretive, very sarcastic and social. They lack self-control. When Muthoni loves, she loves for real.

WANJIKU: They have a warm smile, very seductive and very social which suits them in gold digging. They are easily irritated. They tend to open their legs very fast.

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WANGUI: Huyu ni peacock. Maringo mingi mingi kwanza akiwa light skin. Has a very low IQ and can be easily manipulated. Always a player.

WAMBUI: Always calm but hypocritical, are social and knowledgeable. Can make a good wife. They hardly smile, they fake smiles and org@sms.

WANJIRU: Uuuuwi Saitan. Ukiwa na Ciru you got a devil with you. RUN RUN RUN as fast as your legs could carry you.

WANGECI: Are known to laugh loudly, they ain’t loyal. When Wangeci decides, you can’t change her mind...

WANGARI: They have a warm smile and a very calm cracking laughter, but look very dangerous when uncivilised. They are second best to making a good wife.

NYAMBURA: Named after the rain. If you come across her, call a pastor to pray for you instantly, wife material. She is the best, hardly smiles.

MUGECI: Loool hii ni fisi. Mucene mob, very greedy. She is a cross-breed ya msapere na mlunje only a chef or mluhya can marry her.

NJAMBI: Are very intelligent, wife material, very strong and hard working. They don’t get tired and love their solitude.

WANJA: Their name means from outside. Beautiful but most of them are prostitutes. They have very seductive attractive eyes and smile. Wako wengi Sabina Joy.

WANGITHI: Very superstitious, Ni kisirani na wanapenda fujo, are rude na wanakalia bwana zao.

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WAITHERERO: Named after the South. They are beauty queens, wana uongo mingi sana and most of them are witchdoctors if not lesbians….!!!!

How true is this ladies?