Cancer has become a frightening rather than a worrying disease. And just when we thought we were getting the better of it, a survey of scientific studies has just revealed that sugar is causing cancer!

Sugar in hot beverages alone is linked to increased incidences of colonic and rectal cancer, and sugar recently found to be a trigger and accelerator for breast cancer. Broadway Bakery issued the survey at a time when Kenyans are among the highest consumers of sugar in the developing world.

“Kenyans are becoming more aware of the high risk of diabetes caused by excessive sugar consumption, but we believe that few have yet realized that sugar is, itself, directly carcinogenic,” says Broadway Bakery MD Bimal Shah.

The company which has launched its own privately funded public education campaign to raise awareness in an effort to slow the soaring death toll being caused by excessive sugar consumption in Kenya.

Noble Laureate Otto Warburg first discovered that cancer cells do not need oxygen to survive, as other cells do, but can feed and grow directly from pure, un-metabolized sugar.

Historically, humans only absorbed metabolized sugar from vegetables, fruits and other natural sources.

But the take-off in confectionery and added sugar has seen the arrival of sometimes large amounts of un-metabolized sugar in consumers’ bloodstreams.

“With the now high prevalence of cancer in Kenya at an estimated 39,000 new cases and more than 28,000 deaths a year, Kenyans should be aware that there is a close link between high sugar consumption and the risk of developing certain types of cancer,” said Dr. Kirtida Acharya, chairperson of Diabetes Kenya.