Former gospel artiste Willy Paul is trending after releasing a new track dubbed 'Lamba Nyonyo' which means lick a boob to the disgust of many.

During an appearance on 10/10, Willy had hinted he was about to drop something major but Kenyan was not prepared for such a song.

Partly the lyrics say

'Hey Ras I am at at home and I have lasses. Come over because  its been a while since you licked boobs.'

Below are some of the reactions on the song with many stating their disgust

@Iam_Benjani:Ati cheza chini usinyambie Jose, Willy Paul enough is enough now, imetosha achia hapo sasa

@anitasoina:Hii nayo ni taka taka... Afazali watunyonge baas

@Kimaru_kim:I weep for this willy paul.I better listen to wamlambez as a gospel song than whatever he sang.
@ItsBravin: Sasa wharrathis that Your Boy Mwana Mkunaji AKA Willy Paul AKA Willy Possessed singing? Anga "Lamba Nyonyo"

@Luu_kah:Huyu ni msanii, he's trying to remain relevant kwa market. Huyu ndo msanii aliwafanya muende groove. The new genge, talks abt sex, and he's done, so? Wengine wanapandana na wanabakana. Wengine ni pekejeng. mmi ntalamba nyonyo araa.
@bennytothedj:Tutaambiwa ni nyonyo ya bwana
@Nurkeyhanshi:Kwa comment section kuna mraiya amesema heaven willy Ataon ni mtoto wa bahati tu!
Below is the new song