'Pregnancies are messy, scary and just very... complicated,' Kambua admits

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

Gospel artiste Kambua has in a candid post admitted that her pregnancy journey has been nothing short of a miracle, after years of a childless marriage.

Kambua who revealed her baby bump to the public months ago says,

My journey is a miracle whose details I still haven't shared. One day I will.

But as God continues to write my story and perfect what He began, let me share my heart with you.

Kambua added that unlike what people perceive she has been around enough to understand the struggles women go through waiting to be mothers.

I've been around long enough, and been through enough to know that pregnancy journeys are not perfect- far from it.

They are messy, hope-filled, scary, joyful, and just very... complicated.

I also know that for waiting wombs, pregnancy announcements can be serious triggers.

I have lived it- how you just want to be so happy for others but somehow your own grief and struggle overwhelms you.

She adds,

But my years of waiting allowed God to deal with my heart.

He taught me that He was enough for me, and that I was complete in Him.

Kambua who had been publicly scrutinized over her not having a baby seven years after marriage says,

I didn't know how or when God would turn the tide for me, I did however know, that even when it hurt beyond words, my trust would always be in Him.

So for any woman whose pain was triggered by my announcement, I have prayed that God will turn your darkness into a spark of hope.

I pray that your faith is renewed in knowing that His power knows no bounds. I pray that you find yourself whole in Him.

In conclusion, Kambua goes on to encourage women to understand that motherhood does not define a woman adding,

Motherhood does not complete us; God does. Motherhood is a great calling, but it's not the only calling.

If you're on this journey, drop me a 💓, I will be praying with and for you.

God asked Abraham, "Is anything too hard for the LORD?" So I ask you today beloved, "Is anything too hard for Him"?