Esther Arunga's cousin Joseph Hellon has revealed that Quincy Timberlake husband to the former news anchor was using black magic.

According to Hellon Quincy had confessed to using black magic and even asked for help to overcome it.

Quincy was not only manipulative but he also used black magic. Quincy told me before he joined the church that he used to use dark magic and wanted to reform. Witchcraft is real and it works

Hellon goes on to explain that he warned Esther Arunga against Quincy but she would hear none of it.

I told Esther about it but she was a very stubborn person and if she took something in a certain angle it was hard to turn her around.

Asked whether Esther was brainwashed or not Hellon said,

Yes Esther was brainwashed by Quincy, before everything blew off into the media we had sat down and advised her to go back to her mother. My wife also warned Esther's mother against fighting her relationship with Quincy.

This is because if you fight a person a woman loves she will stick with him thinking you are the enemy. Esther lived in my house and we discussed this things so many times.