Shocking Revelations About Gospel Star Lady Bee's Pregnancy

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Gospel singer Lady Bee has shared some intimate insights into her first pregnancy in a message to her fans and how she dealt with it.

Lady Bee has had a rough life. But she put that behind her, leaving the secular world and joined the Gospel fraternity. Since then she has chucked hit after hit, after hit.

Some of her beautiful soulful songs include melodies like Matunda, Nakiri and Kila Goti.

She has revealed how she dealt with her pregnancy when she found out she was expecting and how her mother reacted to the news.

"My Toto Yvonne ❤❤❤ When I see this beautiful soul waaaaa am telling you God is so faithful I can testify..I remember when I was told am pregnant wololoooo, I was hiding from my mum????afraid of her because waaa my mum was???? I was so confused, even in my estate I was an outcast, not allowed to be with other girls of my age because nilikua nimejua mengi sana???? so you can imagine how lonely I was ???? But see what the LORD has done..." Lady Bee said.

Lady Bee continued, "You might be having a situation that seems so embarrassing to you but let me tell you, you will rejoice at the end, you will rejoice and give God all the glory???? If today am the one proudly unashamed talking and sharing about My Toto Ooh Halleluyaaah Let God be God..The dad passed on when she was only 5 years but God has been so faithful till this moment I am a proud mother and in love with my God-given gift...Hold on to God He can never leave you, He will never let you down, He will never let you die in that situation you'll come out more than a conqueror ???????????? He will make a way for you." 

Here's a photo of her stunning daughter.