Despite endless protests by men, wigs and weaves remain trending hairstyles among women in Africa.

Every woman wants to rock them; whether expensive or cheap, very few care about what they are made of or their effects.

In Kenya, many women both young and old prefer weaves to braids despite the fact that braiding is a unique hairstyle, can be worn by women of all ages and looks great.

They flock beauty shops and salons just to acquire the wig or weave of their choice. Although some rock them, others simply look ugly and old. Below is a list of top female celebrities who should either stop wearing weaves or change the types of wigs and weaves that suit them. Go through

1. Pierra Makena - Former Tahidi High actress

She is definitely sexy, but should really consider improving on the type of wigs/weaves she puts on or simply stay natural. Weaves make her look old.

2. Terryanne  Chebet

She looks beautiful with short hair as compared to her wigs

3. Catherine Kamau (Celina) - Former Mother-In-law actress

She is a big fan of weaves and wigs. Although she looks good in some, others simply make her look old.

4. Saumu Mbuvi

The eldest daughter of flamboyant Nairobi Senator Mike sonko. As young as she is, the rich lady seems to be in love with weaves yet most of them make her appear too old. Maintaining them also seems to be a problem for her.

5. Sophia Wanuna 

She should stick to braiding. She looks off in weaves