Gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat has for the first time addressed the herpes scandal.

The Sari Sari hitmaker was accused of infecting a Nakuru based lady with Herpes after a threesome that also involved Hope Kid.

DK revealed that he got tested for herpes. Here is his interview with Mpasho about the matter.


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In a candid interview with Mpasho.co.ke, DK revealed that after the expose, he was trolled for days on social media. He said,

'Meme zilinimaliza. Kuna moja ilikuwa inanimzliza nguvu because mzee anapost anasema 'niko na dem, nani ako around' halafu inaandikwa hapo the first person seen DK Kwenye beat.

Nilikuwa nakaa nasema Mungu wangu. Halafu wengine wanaweka picha ya wasee wawili mmoja ana pingu na mwengine [mimi] hana. So wanasema Hopekid ndio ako na pingu na mimi sina because juu ya kitambi siwezi shikanisha mikono nyuma.'

[Memes finished me. There's this particular one that really put me down. I used to sit down and wonder. Others would share a photo of two men with one handcuffed and the other one without handcuffs and they referred to him as me. Trolls would say the one handcuffed was Hopekid and the other one was me because I couldn't be handcuffed coz of my big tummy.]

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He said Facebook was the worst when it came to trolls.

It was fire. sometimes I would laugh. Facebook is the worst social media platform. Wale nimewavulia kofia. After the scandal to date, I don't read my comments.

You post a photo within an hour it has 3k comments and all are negative. One user told me, 'That stomach is full of Herpes.'

He added,

There are things if you take them personal you fall into depression. The only thing that has given me strength is being with the Lord because the one thing that I know about God is if he calls you enables you and the good work that he starts in you he has to finish it. that's what the word says.

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The singer said he has learnt to trust in God and ignore trolls because they can totally destroy someone.

when you trust in god sometimes you have to get to a point that you don't try to figure out what will happen but just allow God to work. because his timing is different and you need to understand greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world. So if you're called stay to your calling because if you try to fight for yourself hapo ndio unajua social media iko na nguvu. 

Watch the interview below.