From Luhya to Maasai: Kenyan tribes with handsome men

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Every tribe in Kenya believes they are the most beautiful and handsome.

This is more so because they have many celebrities who are representing their tribal gene pools.

Though there are plenty of beautiful people across Kenya, some tribes really stand out in this race for who has the best facial symmetry.

They produce attractive men and women but there are some tribes who have faces only a mother can love. In short, they have very personal faces.

Well, Mpasho conducted a poll on which Kenyan tribes has the most handsome and attractive men and the Luhya, Maasai, Luo, Kamba, Kisii, and Taita communities dominated the list.

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 Below is a list of ten Kenyan tribes with the most handsome men, go through;

1. Luhyas

2. Luos

3. Kambas

4. Kikuyus

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5. Kisiis

6. Meru

7. Kalenjins

8. Maasai

9. Somali

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10. Taita