DJ Shiti has become a household name in Kenya. The comedian first made his debut on Churchill show as Magazine but his big break was when he joined The Real Househelps Of Kawangware.

Since then, Shiti has not only won himself endorsements but also managed to light up the faces of his fans.

The comedian has been moved by fans who have spoken about how his jokes have been able to get them out of heartbreaking situations.

One fan wrote:

This man's humour dragged me out of depression. Azidi Kuongezewa na bwana

Another one said;

Same here. I was in hospital on December 2018-January 2019.

To their response, Shiti says that these messages have shown him that there are indeed people he is touching

Now I know..... this has really humbled me ... Kwa wasanii wote kule nje chochote unafanya jua kuna mzito unajenga mahali kisirisirii..

Well, cheers to you Shiti!