Slay queens are taking over the world. From Africa to Europe to Asia, slay queens always post photos on social media especially Instagram just to give us a glimpse into their everyday life, but did you know that most of them live fake lives?

Slay queens are mostly sexy and beautiful women who can even confuse a robber or a gunman to abort his mission once he sets his eyes on her.

But how do you tell the woman you're dating or eyeing is a slay queen? Well, below are the five characteristics of slay queens, go through

1. Always in the gym

If you see any woman who spends most of the time at the gym, she is a slay queen. These type of women have low esteem issues and always spend time in the gym trying to look cute so as to please men. They know that they're seasonal and to keep up with the rest, they have to work out so as to maintain that desired figure or else they will be single. Even those with laptop bodies will still hit the gym in the name of maintaining their 'sexy bodies'.

2. Nani atatupeleka out leo

Most of them are always jobless and depend on men to foot their bills. They will blow up your phone from Wednesday to Sunday trying to lure you to 'ingia box.' Most of them always have a clique or squad as many refer to and if one hana mpango, she will countercheck with her squad to see which one is lucky to have found a sponsor for that night.

3. Don't use matatus

Slay queens are very special and cannot use matatus. Most of them are 'delicate' and they can't use public transport. Anytime a man invites her out, she will always ask you for taxi money yet she uses matatus on a daily basis. Why slay queens?

4. Always drink too much

They are used to cheap drinks but when you invite them out, they will be 'I only drink Hennesy, Moet, Myers Rum, Cognac yet she has never, she always sees the drinks on display at caramel lounge. She will drink more than she can handle and start preaching how 'blessed she is'. She is used to her local or dingy clubs in downtown where they choke on KC Coconut or Kibao but when you take her to an uptown joint, she demands more than she can handle. Why the embarrassment slay queens?

5. Always use expensive phones 

They s such as iPhones and the latest Samsung S series phones. Most of them have nothing to bring to the table and she will always flaunt that phone whenever she's out, so as to look rich yet she cannot even afford to pay for water worth 50/-.

Dear brethren, I hope you can now identify a slay queen when you see one.

6. Taking pictures with their legs curved

This is a trend among the so-called cool ladies aka slay queens. Social media is dotted with photos of women posing with their legs curved and if you happen to come across this, just know that she's a slay queen. You might think that they're suffering from rickets - a condition of children caused by vitamin D deficiency, characterized by imperfect calcification, softening, and distortion of the bones typically resulting in bow legs.

7. Accent

Have you ever met a Nyeri woman who twengs? If not, wait until you meet Kawira, the slay queen from Nyeri. She will fake her accent the whole night you're buying her drinks but wait until she gets drunk or you ask her to accompany you to your house, she will drop her accent and start abusing you in her mother tongue. Men, not all that glitters is gold.

8. Blue ticks

Slay queens are very choosy and full of attitude. If she doesn't want to be with you, you can easily tell from her actions. She will ignore your texts and will only revert when you ask her out for lunch or dinner. This is because she needs to post photos from that nice restaurant and flaunt on Instagram