The Kenyan comedy industry is something to write home about. There has been a great change in the past few years and we celebrate the local comedians.

Some of them, the likes of Eric Omondi, have really worked hard to put the nation's name on the world map.

Well, many talented comedians are joining the laugh industry and new latest kids on the block include Mulamwah, Adhis, Katelo among others are giving their counterparts run for their money.

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Today being a Thursday, we present to you photos of your favourite comedians before fame.

Below is the list, go through

1. Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill

Although he's been underground for quite a while now, Owago's creativity is on another level.

He's one of the bold comedians who crack 'adult' jokes without blushing. He is that brazen.

6. Terence Creative aka Kamami

The father of one has amassed thousands of followers on social media. His Kamami chronicles talk about her dysfunctional relationship with Mike, which many fans relate to.

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