Larry Madowo mourns, 'Dad understood he wouldn't be with us for long'

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Father's day for Larry Madowo was not a very soft and mooshy one, it was one of walking down memory lane.

The media personality remembered his late dad saying, "It was almost as if he understood that he wouldn’t be with us for long."

Larry lost his dad when he was very young.

"It’s been 25 years since my dad left this world. I was just a little boy but I knew he loved us and he spoiled us rotten. It was almost as if he understood that he wouldn’t be with us for long. The years after weren’t always easy but I think we made him proud. Happy #FathersDay."

As a side note, Larry added, "Also, my dad had a full head of hair. Thanks for noticing 😂."

Here is the late Baba Larry.

His tribute to his late dad inspired a similar feeling in other KOT members who also relate to Larry's childhood.

Here are some of their tweets.

@Gachara: Happy father's day to all the sons who have to be their own fathers too.

@Usihol: Be strong bro and God favour you richly. That was how l lost my dad too when I was still very young like 10 years. But see me now, the father to the fatherless has got my back all these years.#fathersday.

@name256: Parents do their best to teach us all they can about life. They just can't ever teach us how to live without them. It's been 10 years since we lost my dad. Best you can do is work hard and keep making him proud.

@gengajohnrex: My father past away 25 years ago too and the love he showed us was out of this world. Life growing up without him was stormy but am proud of who I have become today. May their souls continue to rest in peace.

@bellahak: I'm sure he is Larry and always have been. Today he'd tell you "I'm proud of you my son, and you've turned out to be a wonderful man too."

@mcbranji: Larry Larry Larry. You never stop being my biggest inspiration. Your dad is of course very proud of all the things you've done. Big up man. Meet up one day in the newsrooms of wherever. Ruoth oriti. Siaya to the World and not stopping soon.

@KimathiJohn: You've surely made him proud. Keep his legacy shining.