Akothee's third born daughter Prudence Okello aka Fancy Makadia was recently enrolled in a prestigious university in France.

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Akothee is coughing up a cool Ksh2.2 million for her school fees.

On April 7, this year, Akothee shared a video of her daughter dancing and captioned it;

..see my 13,000 Euros 🤔🤔🤔, huyu yuko shule kweli? Hii pesa si ningekunywa siku ya birthday yangu, halafu hata nina wivu she is not dancing to my song 🤔 @fancy_makadia warathis 🤣😂😂😂 see school fees on the streets ooh, maybe I am jealous coz she got moves better than mine 🤣😂 jealousy and watches are in same class.

In this post, she clearly states that she's paying Sh1.4 million for school fees.

So the Sh2.2 million must be inclusive of accommodation and food.


Well, the 19-year-old daughter did her O- levels at Mombasa's prestigious Braeburn school, where she schooled with her two younger brothers Oyoo and Ojwang, who have since moved to France.

The annual tuition fee for year for students aged 17 -18 is Sh1. 08 million. If your child is boarding, the weekly boarding fee is Sh648,900, while transport ranges between Sh112,200 - Sh123,300.

Below is the fees structure for Braeburn school in Mombasa.

Akothee and her daughters are very close and in her recent message to Fancy, she pampered her with love and her message read,

@fancy_makadia , You are the copyright of your dad, my best friend Jared, you look like his dad. Your smile reminds me of how he used to sneak into our compound to give me an album full of his photos and Sh100 on the last page. His mom calls me Kadera, his dad knows that I am the most cheeky woman ever, your uncles believe in me. I saw all of them grow into mature men. Always respect family, its a bond that can never break, study hard get a job and invite your family to France too. Call dad today inform him about your new school, I love you girl @fancy_makadia.

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What are Akothee's sources of income?

She runs Akothee Safaris, a tours and travel agency

She plants and sells maize from her Rongo home in Migori county

She gets money from performing at events

And of course her wealthy mzungu baby daddy. The father of her last born biracial son is super rich and they have invested heavily in real estate business both in Switzerland and France.