Former Ebru TV panelist on the popular show, Let's talk, is trending for all the wrong reasons.

The actress, Ella Inspired is distressed by a series of videos of her bare and lying in bed leaked.

In one of the videos, she can be seen laying on a bed, playing with her boobs then goes ahead to finger herself.

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The video has attracted attention on social media and Ella, who now acts in KTN's new program called Socialites, has come out to respond to the leaked tapes.

Still living my best life... Cyber terrorism has nothing on me. ♥️♥️♥️ 

Ella's page is filled with inspirational quotes and in one of her posts while talking about life, she wrote;

Here's a little pearl of wisdom from the diaries of an eternal rebel... People can be jealous,

they don't realize it takes talent and great personal sacrifice to achieve what we achieve,

When they can't cut it, they cut down the people who do

So don't let them define you as they wait to be acknowledged

Live love and be. 💖💖♥️💞❤️

In another post she wrote;

Its never to early to dream.. Living to the fullest and doing it my way.

Ella's followers have comforted her after her naughty tape was leaked. Below are some of the comments;

wanjirusuzy: The best way is to stay low key, thick skin and no comment to any queries

mumo_mumo: Tough times don't last, though people do. You're tough. And you will weather this one.