27-year-old Phenny Awiti is living with HIV. She is a force to reckon with.

The mother of two, whose children are HIV negative, has been using social media to create awareness about HIV/AIDs and advising people on how to protect themselves.

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Phenny is never afraid of sharing her journey with HIV.

Her touching posts always leave many in tears.

The courageous mother has shared yet another tearjerking story about her life, growing up as an orphan, being stigmatized, and rejected with men after disclosing her status.

Read her story below;

This is a story of a woman who felt empty in this room, damaged, destroyed, done with.

A woman who does not know what self-esteem is no more.

A woman who got pregnant at 22 and immediately conceived when the first child was only 4 months old.

A story of a sad woman who gave birth to her first child all alone in the hospital full of Professional and Trained Nurses.

This is a story of a woman who believed in love and believed in nothing else.

A story of a woman hiding her tears, insecurities, and fears behind the beautiful wild smiles she gives every day.

A story of a woman from the village that just learned the ways of the modern town at 18 years.

This is a story of a woman battling depression after being rejected with over 15 men because of disclosing her HIV Status to them.

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She continued;

This is an African woman, who ended up raising her kids single-handedly, sacrificing her happiness to see her kids happy.

This is the story of a woman who doesn't seek sympathies, after all, she has been through!

A woman that won't take any negative energy anymore, from anyone.

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She concluded;

This is a story of an African Woman living with HIV and facing judgments on her status.

This is a story of a bold Queen who cannot be moved by anything whatsoever, because she has been HIV Positive for 27 years, and it is enough to deal with, for her.

A story of a woman who lived in the Ghetto at only 7 years old, seeing her mother destroyed for refusing to be wife inherited after the death of her husband.

This is the story of a total orphan who throw pity parties no more!

This is the story of an African Woman being celebrated today.

It is the story of Phenny Awiti.

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