Saitan! Vivian talks about being sexually harassed by politician

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Singer Vivian has spoken up in a candid interview with over an incident where she was sexually harassed by a politician.

She said;

It was in 2015, when I was new in the industry and because he knew I wanted to succeed, he asked for sexual favours.


I heard, this is something that happens to so many young girls who are trying to venture in the industry. It is the way they use to lure young people and they know definitely some will agree.

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She also talked about her past abusive relationship, before she met Sam West.

Vivian said,

I have been in a physically abusive relationship although it happened once and I walked out right after that.

The Cham Cham hitmaker advised her fans to walks out off abusive relationships and not to tolerate it and suffer in silence.

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The mother of one recently released a new song Cheza Chini featuring Naiboi and Savara Mudigi.