Nothing excites me quite like a good social media spat especially when the combatants are former lovers because no one knows how to hurt you as well as someone who once loved you.

And this was the case for Chantelle Petit and Ephy Saint. If you have no idea who these are, I don't blame you. Ephy Saint was a model and actor at some point in the not so distant past. He is now a celebrity photographer.

Chantelle Petit is a social media influencer and Youtuber whose claim to fame has been her problematic childbirth experience that left her suffering from fistula.

She took to her IG account not so long ago and told of a rather toxic relationship she had with Ephy Saint saying it left her suicidal. And at the end of her pregnancy journey, he failed to be there for his daughter, Summer Ella Wamuyu Mururu.

He, however, has since penned down an open letter to her not so much telling her his side of the story but assuring her that he loves her and wants to do more for her but is unfortunately unable to due to his strained relationship with her mother:

Summer Ella Wamuyu Mururu. I am sorry you had to be dragged into this social media experiment. Apparently, they changed your name but I will call you by the name I gave you… all the prayers I sent to the man above when they told me you probably got brain damage at birth cause of prolonged labour… before I signed papers to let them probe you and prick you to clear your infection… I Love you more than words can explain your grandma can or will probably one day tell you if not this post is for you … The fact that you never breastfed worries me but God had other plans for you I hate to introduce you to the world like so but this world is mean and the ppl in it even worse but my prayers for you will protect you every day that you live. They told the world the bad things I was/am I hope the will tell you the Good and the better and the joy you brought me… you are not a mistake and you will never be, I was just the vessel chosen by God to channel your soul into this world. I have no room for hate I forgive them for everything and I pray they forgive me. But know that u always have a home n my house. And a soft spot in my heart