Nairobi Diaries reality star Illya Frank has revealed that Kenyan men or rather black men are not great lovers.

The controversial lass, who is always sharing salacious pics showing off her body, is currently dating a white man.

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In an Instagram post seen by, Illya said that she decided to try white meat because she wasn't lucky with black men.

I have decided to give the white brothers a chance again since the black brothers are feeling themselves when Love is all I want to give 😁😁

She went ahead to shade her Kenyan brothers saying:

Hao wakenya wakwende uko na upuzi zao nkt 🙄#teamillya💕.

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Reactions from her followers include:

ca.thy What happened to Luwi.He promised to marry you in 2 yrs failure to that he will give Pendo 1 million😂😂😂

joyce_maliah Walishindwa na kazi

richiesmallkid racissst pia wewe kwenda uko

dimpy.dee Hiyo si picha ya kitambo???you were so skinn

arsenalmyk Mutawachana tu😂😂😂😂😂

dmaressi Very true wakwende uko

Many have been criticizing her post saying they were too explicit.

Seriously at this point y'all should know I post what pleases me whenever I please.

Oh and stop studying me, you won't graduate