Hamah Nsubuga, a Ugandan living with HIV/AIDs has advised people to use protection whenever they engage in sex.

Nsubuga, who found out about her status a year ago, has been using social media to create awareness about the viral disease.

She says many victims are spreading the virus because they fear to start treatment.

'The biggest number of HIV positive people are spreading the virus because they fear to start the treatment, some are stigmatized and some are in denial. They don't know that ARVS treatment is a part of prevention if you take it as described by the doctor you won't transmit like me my viral load is suppressed but if I mess up I can be reinfected,' she wrote in part.

Hamah went ahead to advise HIV positive patients to take ARVs, saying being infected is not a death sentence.

The only solution now to stop HIV, is by having HIV positive people sensitized about the power of ARVS.

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She continued;

Otherwise, protect your life you don't know what we go through.

Let me tell my worst experience about Arvs not all the time I have to be telling you the good part of it so if you have a chance protect your life, these sweets make me feel moody, sometimes I lose my temper easily, sometimes I feel stressed when there is nothing stressing me I fight so hard to let it go in my life and at night my body itches me a lot have to take tablets to stop it. That is my experience for my sweets am not speaking for others but some have ever shared with me the same experience. And not everybody go in that process it's according to someone's nature so don't be scared to start medication.

That is what we go through with sweets and a lot, I will be telling you ) protect your life. Remember your life is your wealth. I look good because I take my sweets in time and viral load is suppressed.

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In another post, she described herself as a brave, strong woman who's fighting stigma to end HIV.

'I call her my Queen, The loving and caring woman.

The bravest and strongest woman.

She is a lady of class.

I love her my heroine.

Yes she is strong and beautiful.

Yes she is proud because she knows her status.

Yes she is living a positive life.

Yes she is fighting stigma to end HIV

Call her miss HIV, miss stigma, miss Arvs or miss sweets.

I love her.'

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