Florence Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow says she's the baddest female rapper around. In a post she shared on Instagram, the controversial rapper said Rosa Ree is her only competition in Africa.

Rosa Ree is a Tanzania rapper known for songs such as; Banjuka and Up in the air.

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Noti Flow said the rest of the female rappers ain't sh*t and accused them of copying her swag.

She wrote:

Ad say my only competition in Africa is Rosa Ree and that's only because she has a well connected management unlike me 💁🏽‍♀️ Hivi visungura vingine can't tell me nothing even with their managements & sh*t.. kelele tupu. I see some b****es trying too hard to copy my swag and sh*t 🤣 y'all will never be Queen Noti 🥴.


She added that she was a freak and was enjoying s3x with her lover Colonel Mustafa.

Y'all will never be #badgalnoti 😎👎🏾 Am on a f****n break 💁🏽‍♀️🍹👙Enjoying Lipunda 😜 and securing my bag 💰 Wait till I get my money right 😎 Toeni hizo kelele zenu you call music ata 100 of them nkirudi bado nawaosha ki Nyashinski 👊🏽 lmao.

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Noti Flow's remarks didn't go down well with some of her fans who reacted to her comments. Read some below that include:

nasra.khan Girl you have a long way to go !!! Many people havent heard of your a**!

sheilah_fridah @notiflow Lmao😂😂😂😄😅continue consoling urself there some real bitches making music kula lip undamaged pole pole hakuna mwenye haja na wewe..😢

mariamu_missvee Ukijita queen of rap @petramuzic tutamuita nini king of rap😂😂😂....you are lost .be humble dunia ndogo😂

mutie Too much pride.

kevinbwamu Uko fine notf...but lenga kiki mingi...acha si tukupe sifa zako.....

leon254 Apo kwa enjoying lipunda ndo nilikua nangojea😂😂😂you real akuna compe apo❤️😍😍🔥🔥🔥

jamesweezy_real_rapper Lakini huyu dem hujifeel sana Na Hana mistari then she does the baddest mistake by comparing herself to the best FemCee in Africa ..very stupid

jackson_mutinda Ushasema queen bt are you sure unaenjoy lipunda!!!c itaingia Hadi kwa mapua,hahaha si heri kajulubeng🤣jus kidding!kuwa noti that's y I like you

stella_chep_samoei Humble yourself before life does it for you...machungu ni ya nini Sasa? 😂😂 The last kicks of a dying donkey

kelvin_ngisa Huna lolote wewe hata unaimbaga nn ?? Ety Africa ..ww uza mboga

jamesweezy_real_rapper @notiflow you ain't sh*t.. stop comparing yourself to Rosa Ree na bado huwezani na Xtatic, Femi One, Kiki, Wangechi and all the other female rappers in the mainstream(in Kenya). Hauna Flow, Hauna barz, uko tu na mdomo mingi. kama hii kitu umeandika ni nyingi but no point in it.. you're a whack Femcee my dear.. Hata Msupa S is way better than you.. so acha kubonga sh**t.. keep them for yourself please

johnymungai Release good music acha kelele

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alexmanyasi  I conquer Noti Flow currently she is that queen in hip hop .

zarithebosslady_mamatiffah Lol,u mean you're r a queen in Africa....😂😂😂😂gal you're not even in your village I guess😁😁

lil_snappyke I like it how you go hard on these b**ches😀😀

kenjiroandai Lakini Petra ni Mzii

carolinahwilliam Thats my girl Noti no one will copy and be you