Dunia kizunguzungu.

A city girl is caught between a hard place and a rock. She caught her own mother cheating with their driver. She doesn't know what to do. Now, her mother wants to kill her...

It reads like a soap opera but it is a true story.

Here is the city girl's account of her story. It was posted in one of the social media sites where people talk about relationship matters.

I caught my mum sleeping with our driver. Red handed I saw my mum naked and shouting the drivers name loud. My Pain and agony is that she was on top of him and the driver was making love to her in our gate man's room,you can imagine the disgrace and disappointment.

She continued, "When my mum saw me she started begging me but I promised to tell my father. I have not told my dad yet but I have been avoiding my mum. But recently I noticed my mum wants to kill me. Yesterday she asked the maid to bring my food to my room, but I did not eat the food cause I was still very upset with her, so I left it on the floor overnight and it went all cold and dry. This morning I decided to give it to our dog, as soon as he finished eating it, my dog dropped dead instantly. I have been so cold and locked myself in my room, am really scared that my mum could go this far just to cover her track. To kill her own blood child I'm her only child for that matter. Please, this situation is killing me and I can't talk to anyone I know. I need serious advice on how to tackle this without going dead. My mum is desperate."

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