Mr Seed's wife Nimo Gachuiri has finally exposed Bahati for being a wolf in a sheep's skin.

In screenshots, has, angry Nimo took to social media to narrate how she and her husband Mr Seed went through hell in the hands of Bahati and his wife, Diana.

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Nimo, who recently gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, revealed that they (her and hubby) struggle to pay the hospital bill. They welcomed their first born barely a month after Mr Seed left Bahati's EMB record label.

Bahati, mimi leo I'll talk. Unajua hata tulilipa hosi aje jameni? Do you know how much it was a struggle for Mr Seed and I? Do you know the amount of stress we went THROUGH? Nilihave kujikaza I deliver normal because hata if anything happened and I got a complication sijui what my babe would have done.


The young mother narrated how Bahati refused to pay the father of her child, making it hard for them to 'survive'.

It was so bad yaani coz you did not pay him na ulikataa and none of the companies can pay him because he had signed off his paying details to EMB na ni lazima you guys sit down and agree.

She added:

I will correct you with a lot of love yaani coz I considered you family but wewe instead Mr Seed na wengine kuwadharau.

She talked about how Mr Seed supported Bahati and would stay with him in studio till late, but in return he mistreated him.

The furious Nimo went ahead to call out the singer, who keeps bragging how he helps other people to style up.

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She further refuted claims by the Mama hit singer that he spent money on her better half.

Baha, Mr Seed was purely working with you as a brother and helped him grow as a brand because yako ilikuwa kubwa but wacha kumwaibisha ukisema you spent money on him. It's not true, please don't lie na kusema he never brought back any cash to the record label. I have watched him work and SPLIT the cash with Kioko hata David Wonder. Imagine hufanyi poa.

This comes barely a day after Diana Marua, Bahati's wife shared a message on forgiveness.

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Bahati responded to Nimo's remarks saying; 'I forgive them all'.