President Uhuru Kenyatta's niece Nana Gecaga is one of the most respected women around. She will be turning 41 later this month.

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Nana, who is the CEO of KICC, is an influential woman and in a recent interview with True Love Magazine, she opened up about her life as a mother and career woman.

"Jomo is the witty one. He finds a sense of humour in everything and lets us all know about it. He's the funny guy. He also the one that makes sure that five out of seven days a week, I find a flower on my bed when I come."

"Kenya-Uhuru is going to run our house and everyone inside it. whatever his older brothers are doing, he will make sure he gives it a go. He'll walk into a room and if we don't notice him, he will walk ut and walk in several times until we clap and say his name when he enters. That always makes him very happy and he will clap and smile."

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Nana Gecaga, who is currently single, advised single mothers to save for their children.

"First and foremost, well done for coming this far. Let's also change single mother to single parent. There are a lot of fathers out there doing it alone. Have a plan for you and your children and don't beat yourself up after being an only parent. To me having one present parent is better than having NONE at all. So pat yourself on the back. Never talk all of the absent parent and never feel like you are a winner. You have total control over who they will be when they grow up. So be the best role model you can be so your children have the best reference to look back on and get advice from as they grow up."

She added:

Lastly, don't forget you are doing this alone and sometimes it means one source of income, not two. So start saving today for their future. It doesn't matter what circumstances are, SAVE. Open savings account for each child and put in something every month.

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