A boyfriend shouted 'no one else will have you' before killing his girlfriend, another man and himself in a New Year's Day house fire, it was claimed today.

Police are said to believe the two victims may have been stabbed - and their chief suspect also died in the blaze at the £350,000 property in Kirton, Lincolnshire.

Billy Hicks, 24, has been named today by former colleagues as one of the three killed, according to .

He said: 'I've heard the guy found out he had been cheated on and went into the house with a jerry can of fuel which he set light to.

'There was a New Year's party going on and it was after most people had left that all hell broke loose. He told his girl: 'No one else will ever have you. I'll make sure of that'.'

Fabio added that a house guest who jumped to safety told police and a few neighbours about the 'relationship crisis.'

He said: 'The guy who started the fire was absolutely mad when he found out hid girlfriend had cheated on him with someone he knew.'