Self-proclaimed president of single mothers Akothee has a piece of advice to Kenyan women.

Akothee has advised women to use condoms and be wise when dating so that in future they don't regret their decisions. She has told women not to stick in bad relationships and later come out to expose their spouses when things don't work just as Lillian Muli did.

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The mother of five insisted that women should stay woke.

Do not have a baby with a man just because he is handsome or has a car. Maybe he bought it on loan or he could just be a driver.

She added;

In 2019, let us all use condoms. If you are thinking of having a child just remember the baby will be yours alone. when the relationship goes south the child stays. Don't say 'he used me' you also used him. If the relationship doesn't work quit. You're waiting to come out and write long sentences saying he did this and that.

Akothee, who is never bothered by trolls, also had a word for the keyboard warriors. She said;

don't bring your frustrations on celebrities status/walls they also have their own shit going on just like you CONDOM, A child belongs to a mother, dump your children at your own cost because your man walked away 🤣😂🤣😂 everbody is using everybody , it only depends if you are reusable or Not ,its up to you 🙄🙄.

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