Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan is a strong woman. This year has not been an easy one for her. From parting ways with her husband Diamond Platnumz to raising five children alone, the single mother has proved that women are the strongest creature in the world.

Zari, recently asked her fans to narrate the horrors they went through in 2018 and thousands flooded her timeline narrating the bad side this year offered them.

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She wrote;

2017 i was shattered in ways I could never explain, 2 major deaths of my loved ones, infidelity and other things. 2018 was all about picking up my broken pieces and rebuilding. 2019 am simply ready for a new beginning....

In life, we hurt, we make mistakes, we forgive, we move on. But, most of all and through it all we learn. Thank You 2018, i still have my breath. #Grateful #Blessed #Thankful Share with me your life story of 2018.

Zari responded to each and every comment consoling her followers and below are some of the saddest untold stories of 2018.

mbabazilucky Am the kind who forgets my pain easily, but my last son going through multiple surgeries was tough..2017 to 2018 was rather rough but Allah pulled me through..The loss of my father many years ago also shattered me..I refuse to break though, I was built like a rock..Happy holidays Zari, you are an amazing mother and sister to your siblings.

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titusmutugi @zarithebosslady..... My 2017, I lost my job as a news anchor at a local Kenyan station, I joined politics vying as a member of county assembly though I lost the chance. Friends runaway from me until I was installed back to journalism last months. But I'm a fight I give up not. 2019 is my year of prosperity. Cheers for good life health and wealth

toto_sebit 2017 I lost my dearest Dad, 2018 my favorite uncle followed him(May they RIP)..same 2018 my relationship of 6 years died too(May it RIP too)...hoping for 2019 to be a year

ms_pierrem In 2017 I lost my unborn baby and my pills through ectopic.Then doctor told me that I can't get pregnant in normal way but through lVF which costs 20million tsh,where to that moneyoney?

mbairejq 2018 lost my only true love.. My only best friend.. My lovely mum😘... Losing a mum is the worst experience in life.. But am happy her prayers keeps me moving 😢

silva.maggie This 2018 has been a trying year for me I lost my dad to cancer and school mate friend almost the same time. 😭😢hope someday I will be able to get to terms with the facts.I love my dad and I miss him

ni_tellah I miscarried my twins lost soo many friends 😭

josebiologymaster 2018 I got a disease that changed my view of life. I realized we are just passer by. Thank God am alive today.

duchesszari 2017 the hardest for me. Lost my son after infidelity, 2018 left an abusive relationship and 2019 ready for all open doors that God brings my way. Tired of infidelity and in law harassment, moving forward to positive vibes and a new beginning

musoomaringa 2018 the worst Xmas have ever had,separated with my husband n now here I am with my daughter who is 3 yrs old + 3 months pregnant. I have learnt a lot in marriage bt that my past now

joselyne_kayima I want nothing to do with this year, as soon as Radio "RIP" passed on in Feb, exactly 5 days later I lost my best friend Brian who was my heaven and now everything can never be the same, I keep on telling myself he will one day walk into office, deep down i know it wont happen, but its my way of consoling myself.

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to late ex-husband Semwanga

Others praised her for being such a courageous woman;

annieronns You are a strong woman to survive all that. Look up. 2019 is all hopes.

hibahrasheed @zarithebosslady -It is well with you and all of us.May Allah make 2019 full of His blessings and love upon us.I want you to know you are greatly admired and respected by me.