Former Machachari actor Almasi reveals how he deals with criticism about his homosexual dressing

Piece by: Geoffrey Mbuthia

From the archives

Almasi of fame was blessed with money and glory early on in his life. That is why we still refer to him as Almasi even though his real name is Ian Nene. His most popular role on Citizen television still defines him to this day.

That he has outgrown the role and the persona in that role has not gone down well with many. Especially in a country where  many are very conservative in terms of dress and mannerisms.

Through his Youtube channel, Almasi decided to address the whole issue of online bullying which he understands all too well. He said:

“People will try to bring you down when they see you have something going on that they do not have the balls to do. When they can see that you are breaking the barriers and you will not fit into a norm or culture everyone else is following, they speak badly about you.

He added:

“I won’t follow the rules. I’ll dress how I like, I’ll do what I like, and no one will tell me anything. At the end of the day, I’m going to live my life, because it’s mine."

The reason for his hard stance is that many have criticized his dress sense saying also questioning his sexual orientation. His video is below:

But Almasi is not the first public personality to come out dressing in a way that rankled many. The rapper Slim Thug also made many rap fabns throw a fit after he started wearing dresses. Yes, and the very short variety!

What do you think about his comments?