Monica Kimani's brother George Thiru is still mourning his sister.

He recently went on Instagram to blast Jowie, the main suspect in his sister's murder. Joe Muchiri, Jowie's best friend, wished him a happy birthday on social media but this did not go well with Monica's brother.

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George revealed that Joe was the last person to see her alive. He threw shade at Jowie saying:

The truth remains he was among the last person to see my sister alive and we spoke that same day and he lied and told me he only spoke to my siz on phone. My point was simple friendship nowadays is overrated.

He added;

This nonsense people call friendship is bullshit! My sister's birthday was last month too but instead, we cried rather than celebrating. And this f**ker was our friend too, in fact, we hosted him at my sister's house a few weeks before she was killed. So f**k friendship.

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