Did you know that there are several places you can take your girlfriend or wife on a low budget?

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Well, if her birthday is very soon, below are some of the places you can take her for less than sh1000

Uhuru Park

It's located a few metres from the CBD. Here you will enjoy the fresh air, walk around, sit on the grass without coughing a single dime.

Fast food joint

Take her to places like Sanford buy half a chicken, fries and soda. This won't even cost you more than 400.

Lunar Park

Why create a WhatsApp to ask people fundraise for her birthday? Take her to Lunar park, let her go for 2 rounds on the swings, one round boat riding and ride on a camel. By the end of the day she will be happy. Furahisha dem.


Take her on top of the monumental building for a better sight viewing of the city. Here you won't pay more than 200. Also, take her as many pics as you can for free instead of hiring a photographer.

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Smallest church in the world

This church is located in Kenya along the Mai Mahi - Naivasha road. If you stay near that area, take her there as a local tourist and of course take her to the pulpit and pray for God's blessings.

National Museums of Kenya

Entrance is less than 200. Visit the museum to learn more about history and don't forget to take her to the snake park.

City Park /Arboretum

These ever green parks are good for picnics. Take her to any, enjoy some quality time there, play with the monkeys and at the end of the day, she'll be happy.

Karura forest

Karura It's full of activities during weekends and you can join the cycling teams for only sh 500 or less. This will help her burn calories (keep fit) and she will thank you for caring.

14 falls in Thika

This scenery will fascinate her. Take her to the falls just to show her how beautiful our country is and appreciate mother nature