Citizen TV's Jacque Maribe is finally free. The mother of one, who had the roughest month of her life (September) left the Langa'ata Women's Prison yesterday at 6:38pm, a day after she was granted bail.

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Maribe's friends have celebrated her release and her boss, Francis Gachuri, a  political editor at Citizen TV, has finally broken his silence following the anchor's release.

Grace Kae Tunya God is faithful, she is lucky to have friends like you,letoo and the citizen team.

Mirriam Sadera We thank God for her, I feel so much happy seeing her smile.

Wanjiru Wahome Exactly a friend in need is a friend in deed... Francis Gachuri

Annie Mungai Our God is faithful..

Victoria Ngechu Francis you are one in a million friend to this lady! Thanks for being there always...

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Catherine Wagutti True seasonal but the lessons are the most important

Wa Ga Tom Glad you stood with her.

Soyinka Lempaa When a judge or a lawyer is arrested a battery of lawyers turn up in solidarity. When a journalist is arrested, (Jacque Maribe) it is quite in order for Gachuri, Gachiri, Itumbi Wanjohi, & Co to turn up in solidarity.

Comrade members of the Fourth Estate, where I belong do not be intimidated. Solidarity is the soul of this business and where bothers and sisters coalesce God coalesces with them .

To Jacque, there are things that happen to appear so grievous but let me tell you, I have never been accused of murder but I am frequent accused person on lesser charges across Kenyan courts.

Some things happen for a reason. What you went through and you are going through could turn up to be a big blessing in disguise. There is no grief that is never lessen by time. Stay focused .

I am told your employer moved with commensurate haste to interdict you or send you on compulsory leave to protect their interests. After all, you are just part of displace-able labor in this country (man eat woman society)....when you encounter an obstacle make it a stepping stone....

A strong heart would only stumble and not fall down .....Those celebrating your predicament are also friends in disguise as their hate makes you stronger .... The truth and only truth shall set you free..